Don't Sell My Information

Effective January 1st, 2020, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) gives California consumers certain rights regarding the collection and sharing of their personal information. CCPA gives consumers the right to: • Be informed of the categories, sources, sharing and uses of personal information we collect. • Request access to their personal information (ACCESS). • Request that their personal information be deleted (DELETE). • Direct that their personal information not be sold (DO NOT SELL). • Not to be discriminated against if they exercise their privacy rights under CCPA. Because we do business in California and meet the criteria of a covered entity under CCPA, We are required to provide these rights to California residents. Do Not Sell: If you’d like to direct us not sell your data, please enter information below. Please use the following template when submitting your request: 1. SUBJECT LINE: [enter Do Not Sell] 2. First Name. 3. Last Name. 4. Phone Number. 5. Email Address. 6. State of Residence. Access and Delete: For Access and Delete requests, please see use the following link below and with your access and / or delete request. For additional information on CCPA and your rights, please continue to visit this resources page, or visit: